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My S7 Review

I have been using the S7 as my daily driver for the past eight days and this has been my experience. There is a dual SIM model of the S7. My review unit did not have this option. If you are interested in this, ask before you buy and verify that it can work in your region. The SIM card tray is fragile and made me nervous that I might break it. Hopefully it would be a cheap and easily available replacement. I am seeing some good prices at the various shops. One popular local shop has the S7 for TT $5,100.

The screen is crisp and vibrant. The S7 and S6 have the same screen specs. The legibility and visibility of the screen under heavy sunlight holds up. The tapered and curved back sides make it easy to pick up and hold. Gorilla glass on the back and front protects from scratching. A new feature on the S7 is the always on display.

The call quality is good. The loud speaker quality is average and it was easy to block the speaker with my little finger when operating with one hand. I wonder if we would ever see Samsung ditch the physical front buttons to make way for stereo front facing speakers?

The camera on the S7 is a winner. All my test photos were taken in auto mode but there are different modes and features if you have the time or inclined to do so. The front facing camera uses an all white screen as flash. This is something new and useful. Video quality is clean, clear, crisp, sharp and colourful. Video audio suffers in windy conditions otherwise it is passable. The camera features fast auto-focus and OIS. If you are really into video it is worthwhile to invest in a video stabilizer gimbal and external audio. Here are two videos I created with the S7.

Battery life is good. You can expect to get a good day worth of usage with about 6 hours screen on time. I now own a battery pack and I would highly recommend one and not too much trouble to carry around. I will probably never see OTA TV and radio on a Samsung flagship but how about a dongle then? A more powerful phone, CPU and GPU means more heat. The S7 features a cooling system with a very thin thermal spreader. Some interesting stuff. Initially it was being touted as liquid cooling but I am reading that this is not the right term for this.

I read somewhere that Samsung Pay is coming to the region. This would be great news. Mobile payments and online payments is convenience we could do with. Touchwiz is the usual. Doesn’t bother me but I do read the complaints. One thing that I would like to see is the app draw remain sorted. This should be an easy option to add.

In summary I would say that this is a great smartphone and worth the price. If you are looking to upgrade or this is your first smartphone I think you won’t be disappointed. There is a ton of information out there. Do your research against what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend. My review is only intended as a guide and to give my views and experience. At the end of the day you get to decide. Most shops will allow you test out the phone on display. Make sure you ask about the warranty and what it covers and what service and repairs are available locally. Thank you and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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