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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Riyad Khan – Managing Director

I was browsing my linkedin feed and came across a link to I asked Riyad if it was his app? He said yes and that he is part of the team working on this app. The website states that the app plans to revolutionise food ordering across the Caribbean. He was kind to agree to take part in 20 questions and here are his answers.

How would you define a techie?

Someone who is skilled in, interested in or excited by all things technical, not necessarily IT related.

How has tech improved your life?

Hmm… I met my wife on Social Media… believe it or not.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad?

Technology is widespread and accessible in Trinidad. There is no shortage of technology vendors, entrepreneurs or innovative ideas. I can talk about typical technology uses such as automation of workflows, connecting people and business, operational efficiency, etc, but I think if we are looking at improvement of Trinidad, there are more fundamental issues that need to be addressed outside of technology. A cultural change is needed – among other improvements.

What is your favourite tech website?

No favourites.

Tell us about your website and app Eat App Caribbean.

EatApp Caribbean is an online platform that connects people via a common element – food. At the core, it is an online food ordering system primarily aimed at advanced ordering (pick-ups) and deliveries. Users can search for Restaurants or particular food types, browse menus, and place an order for pick-up or delivery. The App offers some social bells and whistles such as the ability to share your purchase on social media, get directions, and connect with a community of “foodies” to share reviews or experiences. For the business owner, they have the ability to display their menus online, push out specials and promotions, receive analytical data on customer buying habits, etc, with the overall goal of reaching a wider audience and increasing sales.

Where do you see yourself and this app in 10 years?

10 years is a long time. In the shorter term, we wish to be the default, one and only food platform serving Trinidad and the wider Caribbean.

What are some of the tech used to create Eat App Caribbean?

Custom PHP, Bootstrap

Explain yourself in one word?


Most prized gadget you own?

Toshiba Satellite Laptop

The best advice you have received?

Take advantage of five things before five things seize you; Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, Your wealth before your poverty, your spare time before your being busy and your life before you death.

Which person in tech would you like to meet?

No one in particular. Anyone willing to share ideas and have creative discussions.

What sports teams do you support?

No much of a sports person, unless you consider auto sports.

Why are televisions attracted to people?

Because people turn them on… Google is your friend.

What keeps you motivated?

Paying the bills? The long-term vision of trying to do something ground-breaking and finding solutions to real problems.

What do you wish there was an app for?

When the answer comes to me, I’ll build it.

What future technology interests you?

Future technology is worrying. AI that will kill us, broadband and mobile communication that bombards us with radiation, chips implanted into people, genetically modified foods (and soon, people), the list goes on. Technology, particularly consumer based technology has been evolving so rapidly – sometimes to an un-necessary point where we do things and buy gadgets “just because”, but there is no real value gained. I’d rather go off the grid, buy some land and plant some crops.

What are your favourite apps?

Actually not much of an App user

How would you invest a million dollars?

Agriculture, renewables, stock, re-invest. When the time comes, I’ll decide.

How long do you think mobile tech will remain successful?

For some time to come – though it may not necessarily be in the form of a “smartphone”.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Do you think the extremely rapid growth rate of technology is a good or bad thing?

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