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Public Advisory : Mobile Number Portability in Trinidad and Tobago

Update (OCT 6 2016) : New dates published in today’s Newsday.

Mobile to mobile – Monday 31st October 2016
Fixed to fixed – Monday 28th November 2016

Update (JUL 1 2016) : Clipping from today’s Express. Number portability delayed again.

Public Advisory - Mobile Number Portability in Trinidad and Tobago - Clipping Express July 1 2016

Update (APR 1 2016)

Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) wishes to advise consumers that mobile to mobile number portability (MNP) was not commercially launched on March 31st, 2016, as previously announced.

Telecommunications services operators are undertaking rigorous inter-operator tests, which are still in progress. All operators are working assiduously, together with TATT, to complete these tests in order to guarantee the type of consumer experience that will deliver the full benefits of MNP from the launch of the service.

It is anticipated that MNP will be launched by July 1st 2016 and TATT has been assured by the operators that these activities will not affect the September 2016 launch of fixed number portability. TATT shall continue to keep the public informed of the progress of MNP over the coming weeks.

(Newsday Apr 1 pg. 31)

Improving Customer Choice! More choice is coming to telephone users in Trinidad and Tobago.

Telephone service providers will meet at the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) in Barataria today, Tuesday February 16th, to sign a contract with porting provider Porting XS of the Netherlands, that will make mobile number portability a reality in Trinidad and Tobago from March 31st 2016.

Number portability gives telephone customers the choice to change their telephone service providers without changing their numbers.

Customers can therefore keep their telephone identities (their phone numbers) whilst benefitting from easier access to other service provider packages, without the need to advise friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients that their telephone numbers have changed.

Mobile porting, or moving a telephone number from one service provider to another, can occur on any prepaid or postpaid mobile registered number that is not currently barred or suspended from making outgoing calls.

Porting is as easy as 123! All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the provider you want to move to in order to request a port.
  2. Complete the Porting Request Form and wait up to three (3) days for porting to take place.
  3. Enjoy the new service!

Whilst waiting to port, customers will be able to use their current provider’s service. Customers will be liable to pay for the usage of that service between the initiation of the port request and when the port is finalised. If there are outstanding contractual charges, these will have to be paid before making the porting request, otherwise the porting request will be rejected.

TATT is pleased to announce this improvement to the telecommunications consumer experience in Trinidad and Tobago.

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