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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Anthony Weekes – Tech YouTuber

I was very happy to see another local tech YouTuber on the scene when I came across Anthony’s channel some time ago. I was impressed by the passion for tech that I saw. Check out his YouTube channel and he is very active on twitter. Of course I had to invite him to take part in 20 Questions. This is the first one for 2016. Let’s support and encourage him to reach the levels of the big names.

How would you define a techie?

Techie: A person who is greatly involved with the use of technology, whether it is hardware, software or otherwise in their everyday life.

How has tech improved your life?

It has improved my life by giving me the ability to gain knowledge to deal with any of life’s situations.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad?

It can be used to improve the manufacturing of goods and efficiency of services whether public or private sector. It can also improve the educational system, which in my opinion needs a lot of looking into.

Who is your favourite tech youtuber?

My favorite tech YouTuber is Ash Tailor.

Why did you choose to be a tech youtuber?

I chose this so I can help all those who need assistance in the area of tech and I really love smartphones. lol

What advice would you give to others wanting to do tech videos?

You don’t need to have the most expensive gear to start, be original and be a thinker.

Tell us anything about yourself

I work in a funeral home.

Most prized gadget you own?

My Nikon D5200.

What tech would you like to own?

A Tesla Automobile.

Bread straight out the bag or toasted?

Straight out of the bag.

The best advice you have received?

Follow Jesus

Which person in tech would you like to meet?

Ash Tailor

What sports teams do you support?

Chelsea FC

If you were to spell out the numbers in full, (One, Two, Three, etc), how far would you have to go until you found the letter ‘A’?

That would be Quadrillion. I had to use technology look that up and that can also be an example to the 2nd question. lol

Do we need 4K screens in a smartphone?

No we do not.

What tech event would you like to attend?

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018

How would you invest a million dollars?

I would better support my family, open a business, give to my church, charity and then save the rest.

What future technology interests you?

Space travel.

What or who made you get involved in the tech world. And why do you like it?

The love for computers made me to get involved with tech. I love to build and repair them. It was pure excitement.

What question would you ask the next techie?

How many bytes does it take to make a Gigabyte?

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