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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Natalie O’Brien – IT Consultant

I came to know about Natalie from a recent Newsday article that was done about her. Natalie runs her own IT shop called NOB IT Solutions. She has many years experience. Show your support for her by sharing this blog post.

How would you define a techie?

Well I will have to say there are different types of techies. There are those who like electronics and building hardware and then there are those who like programming and coding. And then we have the users who just like the end products lol. So a techie is someone who loves technology.

How has tech improved your life?

By giving me more time to work on different projects as well as provide me with easy and quick access to information and data that I need and want.

How can technology be used to improve Trinidad?

By making certain processes easier and by providing quicker results than if done manually. And also help us to compete on the world market.

What is your favorite tech website?

I actually do not have a favourite site lol. I normally just keep updated by newsletters from different outlets. But one that I do follow a lot is

What advice would you give to other tech entrepreneurs?

Just keep learning and working on your goals. Get involved in business development training as well and not just stay behind the screen. And be prepared to come out of your comfort zone.

Tell us anything about yourself

Well I crochet as a form of relaxation (I know most people say that is an old people thing lol) and also like outdoor activities where no technology is needed (lol). I find it is good to go back to basics which helps me be more creative later on.

Most prized gadget you own?

My laptop. I actually have two lol. I used one for work and one for play.

Doubles or bake and shark?

Hmm none of the above.

The best advice you have received?

Never let yourself revolve around work, let work revolve around you. And make sure and take time for yourself.

Which person in tech would you like to meet?

Bill Gates

What sports teams do you support?

I do not really follow sports so I support whoever is a crowd favourite.

Which word is the odd one out: First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth?

Hmmmm. Forth should be fourth.

What are the things you look for in a good website?

The speed it takes to load and the colour theme chosen and simple navigation to get the information I need.

What are your thoughts on females in tech?

Need to be highlighted more.

What tech event would you like to attend?

Web Summit and CES

How would you convince a grandmother to get a smartphone?

Hmmmm. Not sure. May show her how to use the phone by using voice commands and also alerts on events.

How would you invest a million dollars?

In property and a new start up project.

What future technology interests you?

IOT and wearables.

Do you (or would you) call yourself a techie?

Yes from programing to being an end user of technology.

What question would you ask the next techie?

What or who made you get involved in the tech world. And why do you like it?

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