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Tips When Applying For IT Positions

I try to cover a variety of topics on this blog. I follow Recruitment Experts on Facebook and decided to reach out to them to get tips for this blog post. I asked them to share tips they would give to persons applying for IT positions. Here is their response

  • State clear objectives – be specific in terms of the area of interest e.g. web development or networking.
  • Update your skills on your resume to reflect the latest relevant IT skills in the industry which you may possess.
  • If you are using acronyms make sure that you have the substance to support its use so that it does not come across as fluff.
  • Improper use of technical jargon should be avoided as this can suggest inexperience in the field.
  • Your resume should be crafted for a technical audience even though it will be sent to an HR Manager in the first instance.
  • Highlight your soft skills. IT jobs are very technical in nature thus requiring hard skills. However, IT positions still require interaction with others which would require soft skills.

Hope that these tips are useful. Based on my experience I can agree with all of this. Take your job search seriously. My advice is that you should aim for a one page resume, be prepared for the interview, ask questions and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something.

Share your tips in the comments below for the benefit of anyone reading this blog post.

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