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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Keenen Charles – Software Developer

I came across the app TapTag while browsing the internet and decided to invite Keenen, one of the developers, to take part in 20 questions. Spread some positivity by sharing this blog post, it will be greatly appreciated.

How would you define a techie?

Someone who embraces the constantly advancing nature of tech (and attempts to keep up with it)

What made you fall in love with tech?

It might’ve been video games that started it, experiencing entire worlds filled with characters and their own histories and knowing someone made it all. Or getting my first computer and realising just how much I could do with it. Tech was this magical thing that was always improving and allowing me to do more.

How has tech improved your life?

I have an unlimited supply of knowledge available at my fingertips at all times and with that the ability to learn any skill, there’s no more limitations to what you can learn to do. Not too long ago you were restricted to what was available at your local library (if there was one). It’s the greatest improvement tech has had for me.

Who is your favorite tech YouTuber?

Don’t have any right now but for articles Hacker News is great.

Describe the state of ICT in Trinidad

Improving ICT is a broad term but specifically in software development and startups, things are getting better. There are a lot more startup events (Startup Weekend, Grind etc) and competitions like Teleios Code Jam do a great job of getting students aware of what they can do. All we need is the investments from those who can to get our very own tech startups off the ground. Startups that can have an international market. There’s so much unrealised potential in our tech industry.

Tell us anything about yourself

I studied Computer Science. Now I work (with my co-founder) on an app called TapTag and that involves a lot more than writing code (but a lot of writing code too). My aim is to make things that people like. Those things can vary.

Most prized gadget you own?

My laptop, would be lost without it.

Tell us about the app you created

TapTag is a mobile app that lets you leave photos at your current location. Our thesis is that there’s a lot more to a place than the businesses and landmarks, the experiences we have there make it special. Rather than learning about wherever you are through guides or maps you can learn from others who’ve actually been there and relive their experiences. You can learn more at

Android or iOS?

Android, iOS is nice but the more Google Services the better for me. Also way more variety in Android devices.

What question would you ask Sundar Pichai?

What’s Google’s end goal, they’ve bought so many robotics companies and have done a ton of work in AI, I’d love to know what they’re working towards.

What sports teams do you support?

The greatest, Manchester United.

Some months have 31 days and some have 30 days; How many have 28?

Trick question they all have 28!

What do you wish there was an app for?

I would really like an app that could control any other device.

What would you say to Google to encourage them to set up an office in Trinidad?

“There’s a lot more rain than California”

What tech event would you like to attend?

Google I/O not just for the free stuff but mostly for the free stuff.

List five things that make a good app?

  • Great Design – a good app must look appealing to use
  • Ease of use – as well as looking good it must be easy to use. Every action should take as few steps as possible.
  • Focus – there should be a clear focus of what the app aims to accomplish and solve. No tacked on unrelated features or anything that deviates from the app’s purpose.
  • Speed
  • Fun – most importantly it should be fun to use

How would you invest a million dollars?

Buy stock in Tesla. Wait 10 years. Reap the rewards.

What future technology interests you?

Autonomous cars while not the most exciting has the most potential for drastically changing the way we live. Car ownership is going to fade away and an Uber-like autonomous car service will be a way better and more efficient future.

Which startups in the Caribbean interest you and why?

Can’t say, I honestly haven’t kept up with many regional startups to pick a favorite.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and why?

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