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My Experience with the Samsung S6 Edge+

I’m coming from an S4 as my daily driver so this is a huge upgrade for me. I’m in love with the performance and screen size. Fast charging is also impressive. I’m keeping my S4 as a backup phone. I am going to get another SIM for this phone. Sticking with Digicel. My mom’s phone is Bmobile, so we have both networks in this house in case one network fails. I use MAC address filtering with a hidden SSID on my WIFI network so I noticed that it would be useful to display the MAC address during WIFI setup during the initial setup. The first thing I like to do with a phone is install and upgrade apps, change the wallpaper (I created a simple solid blue one), simplify the home screen with apps I use and go through all the different settings (this I left for day 2). Another thing I do is send that first tweet like “first tweet from the S6 Edge+”

I’m here waiting for the MCFC game to start so I decide to go through the different settings. There is an option to enable one handed operation by reducing the screen size and one to reduce the size of the keyboard. You can restrict the edge screen handle to only the home and lock screens. I had to install Gear Fit Manager from Samsung Apps so I could pair my watch with the phone. The nice thing about this review unit is that it is unlocked. I don’t use a lot of phone storage so this 32 GB (without expandable storage) is good enough for me. I got asked about TouchWiz lag on twitter. I think better specs and software improvements are making this less of an issue. It isn’t bothering me but you will hear about this often. Took some videos and photos and I am immediately impressed by the camera. I was asked about the slim sides and if it is uncomfortable to hold. It was strange at first but I am getting used to it.

If you plan to do alot of 4K video recording you will need the model with more storage. I got the Black Sapphire which happens to be my preferred colour. The glass back is a finger print magnet. I prefer a naked phone but you have the option of a skin or case. I’m saving up to buy the Samsung power bank and wireless charger. Today I installed Side Sync. The phone app was already installed so I just had to download and install the PC software. PC and phone are connected through WIFI or bluetooth. You can transfer files, get notifications, access your phone screen and apps and make and receive calls, all this on your laptop (or other connected device). I can see this being useful if you have to demo and present a mobile app from your laptop. This is some awesomesauce. MKBHD replied to my tweet and thinks the S6 Edge+ camera gets high marks also.

The battery has reached 15% charge. I got 1 day and 17 hours until then with 4.5 hours screen on time. This is just an example and based on my usage pattern which I will describe as moderate. I have my screen brightness set to middle and auto. There is power saving mode and ultra power saving mode that will give you more from your remaining charge. There is no removable battery which seems to be the trend now. When I launched Kies 3 (which I had installed from before) it prompted me that it had been upgraded to Smart Switch. I uninstalled Kies and downloaded and installed Smart Switch. This software allows you to backup data, switch between devices or restore (or upgrade) the phone OS. The headphones that come with the phone are ok but I recommend investing in a good pair. The speaker is loud. Call quality is good.

I have gotten used to the finger print reader. I was thinking to myself that I should use the thumb so I could unlock using one hand and then I realised that I could register more than one finger prints. Double tap to launch camera is very useful. I like the idea behind scroll capture and think they should have made that available on the Edge+ also. No flashing ROMs for me on this new device, I’ll leave the experimenting for my S4. Big phones like this require deep pockets.

And that is how I spent the first five days with this phone. Samsung has done a really good job with this phone and I am looking forward to bigger and better things from them. So what’s next on the blog for this phone? I want to do a blog post exclusively about the camera. Want to see better articles on the blog? Support the blog by sharing and commenting.

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