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My Experience with the Samsung Level Link Wireless Adapter

Samsung was kind enough to send me a Level Link Wireless Adapter for review and personal use. Essentially what the level link does is add bluetooth/wireless connectivity to a device that does not have it. It can be set to send or receive audio.

In my situation I was thinking about sending audio from my older LCD TV. If I had a wireless bluetooth capable headphones like the Samsung Level On Wireless I would be good to go. I thought about using my laptop as an intermediary, only to find out that my laptop does not have bluetooth.

One way that I can use the adapter is as a bluetooth headset for the S4. The Link has a microphone for making phone calls. It comes with wired earbuds that sound fantastic. Of course you could use your favorite headphones with it.

Items in the box include : the adapter, earbuds, 3.5mm audio cable, micro USB charging cable, replacement earbud tips and instruction manual. The adapter is small and compact and has play, pause, rewind, fast forward and volume controls. There is a clip for appending to your clothes. The packaging specifies that it uses the CSR aptX low latency codec. This means that your audio and video will remain in sync. The website specifies up to six hours talk time. It also supports up to two headsets. It’s Samsung so the build and feel is premium and made to last.

In summary, the Samsung Level Link is a nice option in situations where you need to create a wireless audio link between a bluetooth capable device and one that is not.

My Experience with the Samsung Level Link Wireless Adapter - Packaging

My Experience with the Samsung Level Link Wireless Adapter - Box Contents

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