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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Kevin Sheppard – IT Specialist

How would you define a techie?

I’d say anyone who is very knowledgeable of and has a love and appreciation for technology.

What made you fall in love with tech?

I’ve always had a interest in technology since we got a Windows 95 computer when I was about 5 or 6 years old. What turned interest into love was watching Call for Help and The Screen Savers on TechTV in my teens.

Describe the smartphone of the future.

I think any modern smart phone that can survive 10 hours of usage and not beg for a recharge at the end of the day is plenty futuristic for me.

What are your thoughts on ethical hacking?

I think it’s fine as long as it’s truly ethical.

Pull out the USB drive or click eject in the OS first?

If a read/write operation is going on, I’ll wait… then pull that sucker out.

Describe the state of ICT in Trinidad.

ICT in T&T, I believe, is making strides. There is, however, a major hurdle we’re still trying to overcome – bringing all the ex-ludites in the decision making positions up to speed with how technology can improve and even eradicate a lot of inefficient processes.

They’re coming along, but it’s taking some time. In the mean time, folks who have the great ideas are trying to forge their own path around this hurdle.. which can prove to be a bit difficult.

Tell us anything about yourself.

Every year on my birthday since 2006, I attempt to finish all of Grand Theft Auto 3. I’m usually successful at that.

Most prized gadget you own?

Has to be my PC (Eleanor). This is where I work, play and do everything in-between.

Tell us a tech joke.

A hard drive went to the doctor about his appetite. Two days have passed and he hasn’t had a byte to eat.

Would you take a blackberry pie or a Blackberry phone?

I’d take the the phone. Their latest offerings really aren’t that bad. Not many apps, but at least I could hack on it.

If you have US500 million which tech company would you buy?


If you have a drone, what would you use it for?

Giving people surprise haircuts 😀

Team work or individual work?

Team work, but keep it compartmentalized – one person does the UI, another the back-end and another front-end.

What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

“Dog”… just kidding “short”.

5 things you would put in a care package for a new IT employee?

  • Cell phone loaded with numbers for everyone in the IT department
  • list of places to go when you need to escape the constant phone calls
  • gym pass
  • white board with markers
  • a bible

Your smartphone falls in the toilet bowl, what do you do?

Fish it out! Unless there’s poop in there… then I’d fish it out with like, a rag or something.

What dress code is best suited for tech jobs?

Comfortable wear for day to day – a decent t-shirt, long jeans and decent shoes. Shirts and tie for client meetings and stuff.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Take in a good movie/video game with an engaging plot and and interesting set of characters.

What are you doing to change the world?

Trying to disrupt the marketing industry by changing the way businesses keep in touch with their high valued customers. Check out to learn more about what I’m working on.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Are you sure you’re ready for the road that lies ahead?

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