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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Yogya Sharma – Programmer

Yogya and I went to university together. He is from Nepal and currently living and working in the US. He is a coder by day and an entrepreneur by night working on his startup idea.

How would you define a techie?

One who can have a conversation in bits and bytes, finds shortest paths, regularly optimizes, hates bugs and enjoys solving problems, uses the computer for efficiency, likes solid than spin, is somewhat knowledgeable of ajax and regex, and most importantly, has an open mind and is always ready to morph.

You have to pull an all nighter, beverage and snack of choice?

Water and a protein bar!

Stuck in traffic, what would you do to pass time?

Often think of ways to solve problem at work, and any issue in general, and do often get honked! 🙂

What tech company would you like to work for?

Don’t have one in particular, am more interested with team having great problems to solve. If a team is working to write a program to find cure for Ebola, that would be interesting.

Describe a social problem that technology can solve?

In developing nations, and more so for women, they are often illiterate and have adapted to a lifestyle without much hope and future. If this mass is provided with a cheap laptop or ipad with free internet they could use it to learn a lot of things that would stimulate them mentally, reinforce confidence to pursue options that they have never dreamed of. One can watch how tailoring is done in youtube and become a tailor, or watch dances and become a dancer.

Have to troubleshoot a problem, what album do you put on repeat?

I am the kind who has to put everything on mute!

Tell us anything cool about yourself.

To be honest, I am not cool, but to answer you …. I like understanding every perspective of any aspect. At the very moment of an action, we often see and think of the first option, however, which might not be so upon further evaluation. This applies to both computer programs and life. I want to say that I am cool because I usually cool off on initial thoughts, take a back step, relax and think, and then attempt to understand and solve.

Who is your number one role model in the tech world?

Bill Gates

Favourite tech quotation?

The human spirit must prevail over technology – Albert Einstien

Best movie you’ve seen and why?

Avatar (technology) Great graphics, enchanting plot, script.

Advice you would give to other techies?

Pursue your dream, only if you try will you fail, if you do fail, you have achieved what all the successful techies have once achieved, and I am still failing.

CMS of choice and why?


Describe a well designed website?

Goes directly to provide its objective and does not waste users time. Provides a natural look and feel which adheres to the sites motto, and then seamlessly, pleasantly delivers.

Most prized gadget you own?

A 512GB solid state drive.

If you are in a vehicle going at the speed of light, what happens when you turn the headlights on?

I will think my headlight is not working.

What question would you ask Mark Zuckerberg?

At what point did he realize that Facebook could go global and how did he plan and execute his initial plans to bring it where it is today.

Nikon or Canon?

No difference, does one make you better than the other?

What do you wish there was an app for?

Now, I would be building that one if I had such a great idea. Seriously though there needs to be a global currency, digital as well, so that we do not have to pay ATM fees to withdraw our own money.

What city in the world would you locate your tech startup?

San Francisco

What question would you ask the next techie?

Best advice that he or she has received from a manager.

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