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My Experience with Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

When you join the Windows Insider Program to be able to download the Windows 10 Technical Preview you are advised that the preview is an early stage of the OS and may contain bugs and may be unstable, therefore install in a testing environment. I don’t mind the risks and will be using the preview on my main laptop as the main OS, dual booting with a Windows 7 partition.

Firstly the 3.8 GB .iso file took me 1 hour on my Flow 10 Mbps connection. Secondly I needed to make space on my laptop’s hard drive. I did this by shrinking the C: drive to half its size. Now I had 4 partitions (system, local disk (C), hp_tools, hp_recovery) and a chunk of free space. I attempted to create a 5th partition (the menu says New Simple Volume in disk manager) in Windows but got the following error message, so I left it as free space hoping that I would able to manage the partitions from the install.

Disk Management : The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s). If you convert the disk(s) to dynamic, you will not be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk(s) (except the current boot volume). Are you sure you want to continue? Yes No

I tried to mount the ISO using Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Microsoft but that said “Mount Failed”. I used WinZip instead and extracted the installation files to an SD Card. Of course my laptop refused to boot from the SD Card although it was a selectable boot option. I then tried a flash drive that I am accustomed to using for Windows installation and that worked. I noticed that the date on the files in the ISO are SEP 13. I got the following error when I tried to install on the unallocated disk space (which I sort of expected).

Windows Setup : Windows cannot be installed to this disk space. The selected disk has the maximum number of partitions of this type. Ok

I need to read up more on this. Maybe I just need to change the type of the partition but for now I just copied the contents of HP_TOOLS to HP_RECOVERY and deleted that partition. I restarted and started the installation again. The installation UI looks the same. I had no driver problems with my hardware. The installation only took a few minutes. I selected to turn off sync to One Drive.

I had problems accessing on Internet Explorer [11]. I didn’t bother to figure that ish out, I just downloaded Chrome and went on with my business. My laptop is the HP ProBook 4440s [Core i5] and it works with Windows 10. An in-depth review to come after I have used Windows 10 for a few days.

How was your installation? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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