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Caribbean Cinemas – SouthPark Cinemas 10 (Trinidad)

Update (2 NOV 2014) : As advertised in the newspaper the cinema has reopened. Website :

The SouthPark Cinemas 10 was recently opened in San Fernando. The traditional cinemas in Trinidad and Tobago have made way for the multiplexes. These multiplexes are outfitted with some of the latest screen and audio technologies. I contacted Caribbean Cinemas’ marketing to find out about the technology used at SouthPark. Below is the response I got.

This state-of-the-art new movie theater will feature Hollywood’s newest releases on its ten (10) luxurious stadium seating auditoriums with giant screens fully equipped with 100% digital projection technology, digital surround sound, high back reclining seats and cup holder arm rests. Also, the new large format auditorium, “CXC” (Caribbean Cinemas Extreme) will create a totally immersive experience with a wall to wall / ceiling to floor screen (almost four stories tall), combined with over 50 speakers of Dolby Atmos digital surround sound system. “A great movie experience is when you forget you’re watching it and believe you’re part of it. This is the immersive feeling we want to create through the largest image and the sharpest sound technology.” mentioned Robert Carrady, President of Caribbean Cinemas.

This multiplex is expected to be reopened later in the year. When you visit SouthPark come back and share your experience in the comments below.

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