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Blink Broadband WiFi Router Settings

Update (10 SEP 2014) : This is the response I got from Comtrend. Make sense. Go to your ISP for support. The obvious things like SSID and password should be a harmless change though.

Thank you for contacting Comtrend!

Unfortunately, we do not offer any software, user manual, QIG, or configuration advice to end-users, as connection and service depends entirely on the end-user’s Internet Service Provider. Changing configuration, or resetting to default, may sever the internet connection resulting in a cost from the ISP to reconnect. Furthermore, every Internet Service Provider has specific username and password that we cannot even help you to set up the device. Accordingly, I would suggest you to contact your ISP for the proper information.

Thanks again for contacting Comtrend.

I am currently using my uncle’s Blink Broadband 1Mbps internet. The WiFi ADSL router/modem is the Comtrend AR-5389. I’ve been asked on the blog before how to change the WiFi password on Blink. Creating this blog post for anyone looking for help with this. The settings page for the router can be accessed from If you cannot connect to the router wirelessly you can use a physical network cable to connect to it. Surprisingly to me is that the router was left with the default root password of 12345. I quickly changed this. This should have been changed during installation. I am surprised it wasn’t. You can change the AP name under Wireless/Basic and the WiFi password under Wireless/Security. I tried to find the manual for this router online but that was a no go. I contacted Comtrend, hopefully I get a response. If you have any troubleshooting advice for Blink Broadband internet, comment in the comments section below.

Blink Broadband WiFi Router Settings - Settings Page

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