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Gevva – A New Type Of Search Engine

Hat tip to @TheCaribTech for tweeting about this startup. Gevva is a new type of search engine. They are calling it a do engine and are saying that it is the future of search. The team comprises three high school seniors, Sahil Gupta, Stan Zhang and Cavan Klinsky who have been coding since the 5th grade. They are self taught and their project won them the school hackathon and 500 dollars which they used to exhibit at New York Tech Day. Gevva looks for service APIs and uses the best of them to provide functionality. They term it interception. A bunch of tasks can be stringed together to form an intelligent workflow. I’ve read that core services will be free while additional services will cost a monthly subscription fee. From their intro video some types of functions that you would use Gevva for are, convert a file, make a reservation, read the news, book event tickets or get delivery. According to their website, “Gevva is the first search engine to focus on getting things done. It intelligently predicts your end goal, and directly gives you the tools you need to complete the job.” I reached out to the team via email and asked the following questions. They were kind enough to respond to my email and provide me with beta access. I will be testing it out over the next few days.

What is a do engine?

A do engine is a search engine that focuses on actions over information. Gevva, more specifically, is Google married with If This Then That. A user enters a goal (e.g. “translate”, “convert a file”) into our search bar, and is instantly presented with our concise version of the best tool for the job, free of all distractions, ads, and bloat. Additionally, if the user’s goal requires multiple services (e.g “planning a trip” which requires the user to find directions, check weather, pick restaurants, etc.), Gevva allows users to create “workflows”, which consist of multiple tools strung together with inputted information carrying over from service to service. This eliminates the need for users to navigate to different sites, on which they would need to re-enter the same information, over and over again. Our focus on getting things done online makes formerly tedious processes clear, concise, and consistent.

What’s the meaning of gevva? How did you come up with that name?

Gevva means “to give” in Pennsylvania Dutch. We came up with it by looking at short and catchy available domain names.

How did you guys meet?

We all go to the same high school and were all in AP Computer Science together.

What’s your plans for the future of Gevva?

Our plans for Gevva are to build it into a company that fundamentally changes the way people navigate and interact with the internet. We want to make formerly tedious processes clear, concise, and consistent.

Tell me anything else you would want to say about Gevva.

Gevva is in private beta, you can sign up for an invite at We also have an iOS app on the way.

I am extremely impressed and undoubtedly this is going to become a big deal. They have a great idea and youth and passion on their side. Visit their website and sign up for a beta invite. Follow them @TheNewDoEngine and spread the word. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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