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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Trinidad Event

The TTSSUG (Trinidad and Tobago SQL Server User Group) has events from time to time. To stay abreast with the happenings of this group you can follow their website and the social media links listed there. I found out about this event via a notification/post in the LinkedIn group. This event was aimed at giving attendees a taste of what is available in SQL Server 2014 and Azure. Nigel also talked about Business Intelligence and Excel database tools. Some pretty cool stuff. So far, my experience with SQL Server has been at a basic level and more on the developer side. Never anything overly complex. I have also worked with mySQL, Oracle and Sybase. In my opinion Microsoft software will cost you but you get service, support and ease of use for the price. What is a tech event without swag? No buneo. At the end participants were offered the choice of a t-shirt or cap. Before I forget, we were also served breakfast. The event was hosted at Microsoft’s Trinidad office in St. James. The view of the foreshore from the upper floor is nice. Enough reason for you to follow the TTSSUG and attend one of their next events. It is always an adventure for me when I have to travel to somewhere I have never travelled to before. The road on the left, opposite City Gate, is where you can get a taxi to take you to St. James/Mucarapo. I had to use Google maps to find out which cross street to drop out at and what are the landmarks nearby. The return trip was easy. Walk up Luckput St to Western Main Rd. to get a taxi back to Port-of-Spain. I like St. James. The diversity and atmosphere reminds me of Brooklyn, NY. Below are the key points (with links to more info) that I took away from the event.

  • Server memory is getting cheaper
  • In-memory optimistion is now built-in with SQL Server
  • There is a nice Resource Governor tool
  • You can use a new type of index called Hash with in-memory OLTP
  • SQL Server has a 46% market share
  • TDE not needed to encrypt backups
  • Security enhancements allow you to give someone DBA access but no access to data, as an example
  • SQL Server 2014 provides for scaling and high availability
  • Availability groups to replace database mirroring
  • Databases in the cloud are copied 3 times across the world
  • Power BI and natural language search
  • We looked at power query and power view in Excel using data from TT Stock Exchange website, as an example
  • MDS and DQS were mentioned
  • In BI you have to define what you want
  • One problem is getting the data in a format you can use
  • Cloud has several advantages
  • Most persons seem to think the cloud is a security risk
  • You can backup to the cloud
  • There is a cloud migration wizard
  • Azure supports IaaS and PaaS

What has your experience been like? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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