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Samsung Virtual Classroom Trinidad

Had the opportunity to check out the Samsung Virtual Classroom at the Hyatt, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, today. This is a part of the Virtual Educa Caribbean Symposium. If you get a chance pass by tomorrow and check out the exhibition/booths. The virtual classroom will be installed in 20 pilot schools across Trinidad and Tobago. The devices being used are the Note 10.1 tablet, tablet charging pack, Note PC and interactive white board with touch support and supporting tablet and server software. The devices are connected via WiFi and no internet connection is required. Students and teachers are provided with their own login. The tablets that the students will use are equipped with the s-pen. The teacher can monitor students and control their tablets. During the demo I saw how easy it was to administer quizzes. After the pilot period and by the end of the year Samsung’s education solution will be gradually expanded across the entire school system. The virtual classroom is intended to increase classroom participation and collaboration and student focus and interest. Also being talked about is the KNOX EMM solution that will allow school IT Administrators to manage student devices. In addition to the booth there was a presentation to key stakeholders including the Minister Of Education and media persons. I am a sucker for everything technology. It’s the future. It betters our lives. We just have to make sure that our approach is right and that we implement in ways that give us the most benefit. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Samsung Virtual Classroom Trinidad - Photo 1

Samsung Virtual Classroom Trinidad - Photo 2

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