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Work Tips From An IT Professional

Based on my experience and your situation may be different. But it’s useful to think about and consider. What items would you add to the list. Please share with us in the comments below. This is from the top of my head. As I think of more items I would add them to the list.

  • Look for examples
  • Google for tips e.g. “ASP.NET tips”
  • Ask enough questions
  • Ask for feedback from coworkers
  • Setup and use a testing environment
  • Test every aspect of your system
  • Use a source control system to keep track of changes
  • Always backup your work
  • Keep a copy of your work for future reference
  • Not everything needs to be coded. Consider off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Look at off-the-shelf solutions for ideas
  • Blog about your experience
  • Contribute to forums
  • Explore your dev tools and technologies
  • I always use short date format e.g. 02 JAN 2013
  • Take breaks in between
  • I scan and shred documents to keep my desk clear
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Make notes as you work
  • Put communications in writing/email
  • Clearly define problem statement
  • Use descriptive variables and function names
  • Add useful comments to code
  • Avoid hard coding e.g. put constants in config file
  • Put difficult problems aside and think about them
  • Stay away from office politics
  • Make sure your role/function is well defined
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Always research the topics you are working with
  • Learn new technologies
  • Keep it simple

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