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I Bought My Chromecast In Trinidad

Update (10 MAY 2014) : I finally got my Chromecast. Bought it from Circuit Zone in West Mall (Trinidad). Setup was extremely easy. Chromecast was recognised on network. Works perfectly with my old Sharp Aquos. It did an update during setup. I noticed a bug when playing a playlist on YouTube. On the second video, audio gets played both on laptop and TV. I am getting power from the USB port on my TV which is nice. I have to manually change TV input when I want to chromecast. Minor inconvenience. Picture and audio quality is great. I noticed that the Chromecast Chrome extension does not show up in Incognito mode. Do you Chromecast? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

I Bought My Chromecast In Trinidad - BoxFront of box

I Bought My Chromecast In Trinidad - Contents Of BoxContents of the box.

The first thing that came to mind when I heard about the Chromecast announcement back in July was “$35 @google Chromecast. Yay, something I could afford.” So what can you do with the chromecast? It’s a small device that you connect to your TV’s HDMI port. Power comes from USB connected to the TV’s USB port or the power adapter. To setup the chromecast you download an app unto your device that searches for Chromecast devices. Once you connect the app to your Chromecast device, you give it WIFI credentials and a name. Compatible apps like Netflix, YouTube and Chrome browser gives you the option to play content to your connected TV. Local techie BrandonHD tweeted that he was all smiles after receiving his Chromecast. I asked him a few questions about his experience and here is how he responded.

  • Well the setup was super simple using the android app, Netflix, YouTube, Play Music and Play movies recognized it immediately.
  • It gets power from the USB in your TV or from a wall outlet.
  • I then plugged it into the wall outlet, so the Chromecast had power when my TV was off. When I sent a Netflix video over to the cast with the TV off, the TV came on and went straight to the HDMI source and started playing video. My TV is about two years old.
  • Performance has been great so far, remember, this connects straight to the relevant service and your phone/tablet becomes a remote.
  • Once the device is setup, there are no other settings that I have seen, it just sits there connected to WIFI waiting for a cast.
  • It changes wallpapers while displaying the name you gave it, the time and the name of the WIFI network.

I am definitely going to get one. The only option I have right now to stream content to my TV is a VGA cable for my laptop. Would love to be able to stream content from the S4 to the TV. Take a look at the following product video from Google and if you purchased one please share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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