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Piarco Flight Schedule On Flow CH 868 Trinidad

Update (30 AUG 2016) : If you are looking for the online arrivals and departures for Piarco (Trinidad) and ANR (Crown Point, Tobago) check out the rebuilt Airports Authority website

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago recently launched CH 868 on the Flow (Trinidad) channel lineup. The channel displays flight schedule and status, advertisements and tourist information. The flight information display looks very similar to what you would see in the airport. It’s the first channel of it’s kind in Trinidad and to me represents a step in the right direction. I’ve seen online comments questioning its necessity and arguing that only a minute amount of persons would use something like this. Two things. 1) I am guessing it doesn’t cost much to implement this and 2) Flow collects and provides viewer stats to channel owners. This together with other feedback will allow them to determine it’s usefulness and to me makes it worth it to at least try it out. More importantly to me is that it opens the gate for similar channels especially the interactive types. Here are some screenshots of the channel. What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments below.

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