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Laptops in school (Trinidad)

Students entering form 1 at schools in Trinidad and Tobago are entitled to a brand new laptop with preinstalled and configured software. This is the second year since this initiative was started. Last year HP was the chosen hardware supplier and this year it was Lenovo. I got confirmation this morning via the TTCS mailing list that the model of the laptop is the Lenovo E425. It comes with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) and some MS educational software and other software (see complete list here). I support the idea that every student should have access to their own laptop and all the positives that this engenders. This initiative will definitely assist in that regard. I have seen complaints about the procurement process and the lack of readiness within the school system to take full advantage of the technology. Yes there are kinks to be worked on but I personally think that the best time is now for something like this and this should be used as the catalyst to make the changes necessary to ensure that technology plays a significant role in our education system. I got (won through a raffle) my first PC (an emachines) during my last year at university and I studied computer science. Looking back at my experiences I would say categorically that something like this would have been a blessing to me. More people with computers and internet means more people will have access to my blog so you not going to find me complaining too much.

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