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Digicel Trinidad 4G Network

Update (20 MAY 2012) : Since the launch I have done a series of posts. Checkout my Digicel 4G/Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Also subscribe to my feeds above 🙂

Update (11 MAY 2012) : Holy sh!t. The day has finally arrived after months of tracking the progress of this. Brings tears to my eyes. No really. Prices are now available via the self care website as follows in below screenshots. I bought the blackberry 200MB 4G Day Pass for $25 just to test it out. Immediately after refreshing my network I was able to see the 3G symbol although I could not connect to a website. I did a battery pull and restarted. Still no go. I may have gone in too early. Will be troubleshooting to see what I could do on my own. Their website has been updated :

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Home screen 1

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Plans

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Blackberry Plans

I spent some time doing some troubleshooting and evidently I never purchased the plan. From self care I get the following error : Operation failed. Request to activate a plan was not submitted. Please try again later. After trying the *401# sequence I got a message stating that “imei of your device is already registered to another subscriber” Eventually my Host Routing table disappeared. I was able to connect if I used APN : but that ate away my credit. To check your quota balance use *120*4# I definitely need to call customer care to get this sorted. It’s either because of my previous SIM which I never had a problem with on EDGE or a configuration problem on their end moving customers from the EDGE network to the 4G network. We’ll see.

Update (3 MAY 2012) : This morning Digicel launched their “Be Extraordinary” campaign. You can get more details from their facebook page. I saw the ad on TV this morning which they subsequently uploaded to facebook and I have embedded below for your viewing. At the end of the video you see the 4G logo. Seems like this campaign is being used to propel their 4G launch.

Also, below is a flyer they posted.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Advertising Poster

Update (26 APR 2012) – Outgoing Digicel Trinidad CEO, Niall Dorian, was interviewed by Guardian (Trinidad). Here is a summary of what he had to say about their 4G network in that article.

  • Launch by the middle of May.
  • 4G network uses Ericsson technology.
  • There is a demand for high speed data.
  • No significant change in price of data.
  • 4G upgrade cost $140 million.

Update (25 APR 2012) : More and more persons are reporting that they or someone they know has gotten the following SMS offering a trial of the 4G network until MAY 3.

“FREE 4G TRIAL! We’ve just given U a 1wk FREE trial on our NEW 4G network. Restart ur phone 2 enjoy the FASTEST data speeds. Ends 3 May. Txt 976 to 247 for info.”

“As a valued customer, we want YOU to be the first to experience our new 4G network before we launch to the public. Our 4G network will be the FIRST & ONLY cellular network in T&T that allows access to the FASTEST internet speeds directly from ur phone. You don’t need to do anything to get the free trial, it’s already on your phone. You just need to ensure your phone settings are correct. To do this, please follow these generic steps: 1. Select Mobile Network Options & choose either 2G & 3G or GSM & WCDMA. 2. Manually search 4 available networks & select 3G or 4G option. 3. Restart phone & 3G, 4G, H or H+ icon will be displayed on your screen when successful. With 4G, everything is faster & your phone can do so much more! Enjoy internet on your phone the way it was meant to be. Stream videos from websites like YouTube, downloads & uploads are faster, browsing websites are faster & so much more! Enjoy the 4G experience! FREE 4G TRIAL ends 3 May. Data roaming NOT included in FREE trial.”

If you are like me and your SIM has not been provisioned for the 4G network and you have not gotten this SMS you can join me in toting. Below are screenshots from Android guru, Kurleigh Martin‘s Nexus device reporting an HSPA+ network.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Home screen 2

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Speedtest

Also spotted by one person is the fact that 4G capable phones are distinctly labelled on Digicel’s website as seen below.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Website update

Update (APR 24 2012) : Came across this URL – while doing a search. Seems like we will have the ability to manage our 4G subscription online. Good stuff. It’s being tested as the URL suggests. I tried the forget password option and got the following message

“User does not exist in our database! Ensure that you have entered your phone number in the correct format. Your telephone number should include the international prefix.”

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Selfcare website

Update (APR 12 2012) : Some information related to the launch

  • I am estimating a MAY 1 2012 launch date.
  • Most likely they will follow other territories and use
  • The subdomain has already been created but locked down.
  • Most likely the subscription code will be *400#
  • I am thinking the speed will be 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up
  • I am thinking it will work with quotas (not unlimited)
  • I am guessing $50 more on a monthly plan

Update (APR 10 2012) : Looks like the end of the wet dreams for us and time for the real deal soon. Technology aficionado @mibaksh shared a screenshot showing 3G appearing on his Digicel connected iPhone although he is unable to use it.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - 3G On iPhone

I myself am seeing the 3G network on my BB 9700 same as I did before. Also saw a tweet from @trinidadevents as follows “Well done digicel! Just got selected to test their “4G” network. Let’s see how this goes!”. I will beg him for some speed tests and screenshots. You know how I do it. Below is the text message from Digicel to customers indicating that they were doing some upgrades.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - SMS Notice

Update (APR 05 2012) : Last night I was alerted about a trinituner forum posting where someone had posted a customer care email response to their enquiry about the upcoming 4G network. I did my due diligence and contacted customer care myself and got the exact same response.

“Dear valued customer,

Thank you for sending us your query. We do understand your anticipation in having the 4G network launched and it will be a great browsing experience to all our customers once this service has been implemented. We would like to advise that Digicel will be indeed launching the 4G network very soon.

However I cannot say the exact date in which it will be launched. Once this service is readily available, our loyal Digicel customers will be the first to know and it will also be advertised via the media.

Should you require further assistance with any other queries please feel free to email us at or call our customer care service at 100 (toll free) from a Digicel phone.

Thank you for choosing Digicel

Do have an enjoyable day.”

Update (FEB 16 2012) : From time to time I do a manual network scan on my blackberry to see if there are other networks around. Maybe a 4G/3G test network or whatever. Today was the first time doing such a scan that I picked up a third network besides the usual Digicel 2G or TSTT/bmobile 2G network (see image below captured from my blackberry). This is proof [to me] that what is being bandied about is indeed true and Digicel is testing an upgrade to their network. Hopefully this means we are only a short time away from a native 4G/3G network.

Digicel Trinidad 4G Network - Available Networks

Was doing some late night surfing and came across this interesting article written by Caribbean Journal dated SEP 1 2011 written by Alexander Britell. According to their website Caribbean Journal is located in Miami, Florida. The following are 2 excerpts from the article

“Colm Delves has been Digicel Group CEO since 2005, after joining the company as Group Chief Financial Officer in 2004. Delves has overseen a fourfold increase in the number of markets the company reaches, helping to bring the telecom giant to 32 markets and 11 million customers globally. Caribbean Journal talked to Delves about changing Caribbean wireless, the dynamic Haitian market and what the development of communication technology means for Caribbean integration.”


What are some of the initiatives Digicel is working on right now?

Right now, we have just launched mobile 4G in the Dutch Caribbean with intentions to offer this also in Panama, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman and Barbados in the current financial year and other markets going forward.”

This is not an official statement from the digicel website but if this is true this is great news. If I am not mistaken financial year runs from April 2011 to Mar 2012. So possibly within 7 months we could have a 4G network. I will keep looking out for more information and update this post accordingly.

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