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My Experience Getting Started with Wagtail CMS and Deploying to Heroku

I was looking at the design of one of our Government Ministry websites and came to learn that they were using Wagtail CMS. Wagtail is free and open source and written in Python and uses the Django framework. I agree with Wikipedia when they say it is developer focused. There isn’t the same ease as with something like WordPress. I couldn’t even find a repository of templates or a place in settings to upload or install a template. How did they come up with the name? From the website –

Wagtails are pretty little birds from the Motacilla family. From spring to autumn they gather on the lawns outside Torchbox’s offices, charming us and our visitors. We wanted a name which reflected our beautiful setting and which had a sense of light and delight. Plus birds make easy logos.

I chose to use Heroku because I used it before to deploy my Ruby on Rails. My advice is to test deployment early and intermittently. If you do a search you might find the below post from 2015 which is from the perspective of an OS X user. I later found an updated post from 2017. I followed this and made adjustments for Windows.

My adjustments and notes are below

Download and install latest Python 3.6.2 –
There is an option to Disable path length limit. I ignored this because I didn’t know if I needed it and I thought to myself that I could enable it later if I needed it.

Command pyvenv project_title gave me the following error. pyvenv : The term ‘pyvenv’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Found out that I could achieve the same using this command python -m venv project_title. Also source is not a Windows command so I needed to run .\project_title\scripts\activate.bat

Download and install PostgreSQL and add postgres to PATH. C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin and C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\lib. Pass username to createdb command else it will try to use the Windows username e.g. createdb -U db_username demoapp_db

Your database settings in should look like and that will get you started locally

‘default’: {
‘ENGINE’: ‘django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2’,
‘NAME’: ‘demoapp_db’,
‘USER’: ‘app_user’,
‘PASSWORD’: ‘app_user_pass’,
‘HOST’: ‘localhost’,
‘PORT’: ”,

Download and install Heroku CLI. It has an option to install Git at the same time. Configure your git email address else it will try to use some weird email address from the Windows powershell environment. git config –global “your@email.address”

My push to Heroku failed the first time because I specified the wrong Python version in runtime.txt. /app/.heroku/python/bin/pip: No such file or directory. I used python –version command to verify the version (python-3.6.2) and luckily it was in the list of supported versions in Heroku Remember to add and commit again before push. If you delete and recreate the Heroku app or rename it like I did then you will need to change remote with command heroku git:remote -a “heroku_app_name”.

By default pages only have a title. From the getting started guide you can add a body and work your way from there. Two questions I would like to ask persons experienced in Wagtail. Why use Wagtail? Who uses Wagtail? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below.

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20 Things about the Huawei P10 – Trinidad Tech YouTuber Review


I wonder how I can get more views boy? Take the P10 and drop test from the top of the Hyatt? I don’t think Jason will be pleased with that. Dancing pandas? Grow my hair and cut a mohawk? Maybe a disco ball? Good ideas but I will leave them for another video. MAYBE.

  1. Have you ever scanned the QR code on the accessories? I tried and it turned out to be just the serial number and not a website link.
  2. The bigger P10 plus has a 6 GB of RAM option, better camera aperture and better IP rating.
  3. There is a local repair center for under warranty devices.
  4. +1000 points for builtin screen recording.
  5. The device comes with a preinstalled screen protector and gorilla glass 5.
  6. One of the main features of any smartphone today is the camera. One of the lens is monochromatic and the black and white photos from this are awesome. Designed together with Leica. f 2.2 aperture is a disappointment though. I like that I can easily swipe up for pro mode controls. Here are some sample photos that I took.
  7. Visible screws had me thinking about how easy it is to repair? Couldn’t find a repairability score on iFixIt but I read elsewhere that it is easy to take apart for repairs.
  8. Disappointed at the water resistant rating. I read that it is IPX2 – that is resistant to exposure to everyday moisture such as sweat or short periods of light rain.
  9. Textured hyper diamond cut backing which is resistant to scratches and slipping.
  10. Fingerprint reader doubles as a soft home capacitive button. This has to be enabled in settings which was not immediately obvious to me.
  11. Invest in a good pair of headphones. Basic headphones don’t cut it.
  12. Strong and durable and thin metal body.
  13. No problems with gaming performance.
  14. There is a 4K video mode which is an improvement over the P9.
  15. Did you know? The P in P10 stands for Premium.
  16. There is an app draw that you can enable through settings. Very useful.
  17. Seeing mono speakers on a latest flagship always disappoints me.
  18. Display is reasonably visible in bright outdoors.
  19. Get a case to protect your phone. I am a big fan of flip cases.
  20. I would like to end with some things to consider when purchasing a smartphone.
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20 Things about the Samsung S8+ – Trinidad Tech YouTuber Review


Unbox your roti? Unbox your doubles? No. Unbox your S8+.

  1. The AKG earbuds that comes in the box sounds awesome and the mesh material feels and looks extremely durable.
  2. There are less Samsung apps installed by default.
  3. You can use your S8+ to charge other devices.
  4. Comfortable rounded sides and edges especially compared to the S6 edge+ which I previously used.
  5. You can give feedback among other things in the Samsung Members app.
  6. The fingerprint reader is not in an ideal location. Back camera can easily get smudged.
  7. Awesome camera. See link to my camera review in the description below.
  8. Beautiful screen. The nicest I have ever used.
  9. Battery gives you a full day’s use with normal usage.
  10. Is navigation bar burn in an issue? I have read that there were updates to address this and also that it is reversable. For safety I have mines set to autohide.
  11. Bixby is useful but needs polishing and I would like to remap the Bixby button.
  12. I really feel like the future is the merging of the smartphone and other devices. The price of the Dex stand locally is about 955 TT.
  13. Get a clearview cover. Useful, comfortable and protects your device.
  14. I feel comfortable walking with my phone in the rain or taking photographs on a rainy day.
  15. Now is a good time to purchase an S8+ as the price has dropped since its launch.
  16. You can connect flash drives and other USB devices with the adapter that comes in the box.
  17. Active on display is useful but I wish it would adapt to landscape mode.
  18. Interesting thing. There is a rose pink edition in select markets including South Korea and Taiwan.
  19. With Samsung Flow, for example, you can unlock your laptop with your smartphone fingerprint reader.
  20. Finally I would like to end with some tips to keep your phone in good shape.