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  • My First Post

    I am rebuilding The Tech Remix using Hugo and GitHub Pages for 2020. I am currently reviewing previous blog posts and importing as needed. Send me your feedback using the feedback tab above.

  • Working from home in Trinidad and Tobago

    Today I asked this question on reddit - Your thoughts on making - work from home - more of a thing in TT? This reminded of a blog post from the archives on the topic of work from home that I am sharing agian. I think that for many classes of workers in Trinidad and Tobago, work from home is needed and doable and comes with many benefits. The technology is there.

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  • My Takeaways from the TTIGF 2020 Forum

    Recap from last 2 years My Takeaways from the TTIGF 2019 Forum My Takeaways from the TTIGF 2018 Forum The hashtag for this year's event was #TTIGF2020. Thanks to the organisers for this event and the convenience of the live stream. Below are my notes and takeaways from this years event. Much of it is my paraphrasing. This years theme was “ensuring the internet's future”. In my mind we have to decide what we want the future of the internet to look like and what we want it to NOT look like.

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  • My Experience Setting Up FLOW's TG2492LG-FLO WIFI Modem

    Note : I get a lot of views on this blog post. It helps with future updates, if message me stating what you need help with. I had one of the early purely modem devices for about 7 or more years now. I connected this to my Linksys router and I was set. The router is old and does not have all the features of modern routers but it worked. Did a house call the other day and saw that the person had the WIFI modem with their AVS setup.

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  • Q and A with Dr. Shirin Haque, Astronomer

    Tell us about yourself (short bio)? I was born in India but grew up in Trinidad. I never went to school or spoke English till age 7. It was always the sciences for me, at school and university. I did my BSc, Mphil and PhD split site with University of Virginia. Then fulfilled an earlier passion and completed an MPhil in Psychology at UWI. Astronomy was always a passion as far back as I can remember to age 5.

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